About Us

"Having roots nowhere, I have everywhere to go."
-Forty Rules of Love - Elif Shafak

The Sufi Way                         
Sufism isn't a sheer abstract theory for us. We believe it is a living, breathing, moving philosophy of life. We believe in being kinder, gentler and thoughtful towards people, the craft and the environment while we create.
Hence sustainability is the root from where The Sufi Studio stems. Our raw materials thrive in organic habitat, our aesthetic celebrates artisanal irregularities, our silhouettes move freely with a mood of their own. Our belief nurtures in style over fashion. Hence, our creations are timeless and celebrate individuality.
We find joy in co-creation with the artisans and the earth. The fabrics are hand woven, colored with eco-friendly dyes.

The Sufis I Team                     

Varsha - Founder
An alumni of the National Institute of Design has worked across design in various mediums such as apparel, jewelry, textiles and interiors in India and the Middle Eastern region.
Lajwanti - Co-founder 
Lajwanti comes with a long and valuable fashion retail experience spanning over a decade across various areas of sourcing, production and planning.

Crafting stories through our creations in all its natural habitat became the reason that brought a sister duo from different backgrounds find a common platform with the incorporation of our studio in July 2016.